Friday, July 16, 2010

I Double-Dog Dares Ya

I don't know about yer pet dog, if ya has one,
but I'm pretty certain mine can neither read
nor speak dat bovine lingo,
so I doubt very seriously if he's concerned in the least
about the quality of his dog breath (my "pet" name for him).

But if he could, I'm certain he'd get a job
so's he could afford to buy some of this fine product,
if for nothing else than to get me to stop referring
to him as "dog breath"!

Maybe I've gotten this one all wrong and
Elsie is simply a spokescow for this product?
(Wondering if she's considered a traitor by dem bovines?)


IMI said...

LOL! Doesn't your dog tell you if it really tastes like filet migon or generic beef or which one is Elsie?).

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