Saturday, December 5, 2009

German's NOT Amused!


CheezeDiva said...

It's no joke! More about it here:,_Austria

CheezeDiva said...

And Snopes confirms this is true:

Big Cheeze said...

Hey, radio goddess, go check yer facebook account, one David Prowse, who I know for a fact stinks, wants to befriend you.

CheezeDiva said...

Thanks, Big Cheeze! I didn't know who he was, but since you can vouch for his stinkiness, I will friend him.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious !
- but please be aware:
AUSTRIANS not amused...- this is an Austrian (not a german) village, which sadly wasn`t the birthplace of fucking Adolf, that would be a pun... - doesn`t change history, though. Go ahead, Britains, steal the village signs of fucking Fucking ! Invite me, and we`ll have a got laugh at it !
Karl Käse

Anonymous said...

- sorry ! Of course it`s " have some drinks and a good laugh at it"- just came back from a friend`s birthday...
Alas: FUCKING is not a bad word anymore, it`s a blooming VILLAGE ! Spread the word !

Anonymous said...

Well its too bad its not closer to the next town from me. "Spread Eagle wisconsin"..

Whatta a map that would make..
(Voice from Garmin)
"You have arrived in Spread Eagle, Fucking 2 miles ahead".

Hummm I think I married a Fucking German. Doh !


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