Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here's To YOU!

Tis the time to consider those things which one simply must give thanks for.

I mean, it's thanksgiving so...

I'm thankful for visitors to this site who are kind enough to leave a comment here or there.

I'm thankful for all the generous souls who have left cheeze stuffs on my doorstep.

I'm thankful to have Mikelj as the perfect foil.

I'm thankful I'm still able to enjoy dem cheeze stuffs no matter what anyone thinks!

I'm thankful the site has survived another year,
even though it's getting a bit crippled up as of late.

All in all, I'm simply thankful so many have made this corner of the great void a bit warmer with their kind thoughts.



Mikel J said...

Wishing you the best you Big Stinky Cheeze!!!
Sure miss a lot of the old helpers... Cheeze Diva, Dat Dead Guy and the rest of 'em...
They need to come back.
Stay Well Cheezey!

apachenf said...

I am thankful for the best damn source of Cheeze staying open 24/7 and all the great friends of Carlotta - you lot are always on the top of my toastie.

Deadguy said...

Turkeys all over the road & I dont have a bag. Hey been lost in smoking motherboard land.
Hope ya all had good Holler-days.

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