Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who IS This Skippy Ya Keeps Talkin' 'Bout?

Not certain, but AM certain it's not this guy!

(Believe he's headed towards Mikelj's groovy den of inequity)
(In hopes of finding some groovy disco dancers?)


Mikel J said...

No No No Dok.... It's headed to Ru Paul's place. I kicked 'his' butt out 'cause he kept coming over asking for a doober.... No Way!

Big Cheeze said...

Kept asking & never shared?

Hmmm... something's not quite right with that dud!

Mikel J said...

Yeah, but could YOU, would YOU be 4:20 friendly with Miss Thang?

Mikel J said...

Oh, and am I nutz or is it holding a Derringer in right hand?

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