Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HEY!Who's A Dud Gotta Sleep WithTo Get A Burger'round This Joint?

This is an actual menu!

Can attest it's correct
as was sent down many, many times
for a Saturday "treat".

Check out those prices!

Can you believe it?



Big Cheeze said...

Ok, I'll have a burger & fries.

What? No burgers?


Well, then I'll have a slice o' pizza & a Fresca.

What? You know, pizza kind of a flat bread of sorts with tomatoe paste, cheeze, meat & spices? Fresca, it's a carbonated beverage, soft drink, er, uh, pop?

Er, uh, okay then I'll have the deluxe ham & a malted.

How much is that?

Sixty-five cents?

Are you sure you didn't leave a zero off the end of that?

Alrighty then!

Man! This time-travel is tough!

JimG said...

I clearly remember burger prices when I was a pre-teen at the local burger joint (no BK or McDonald's then) 17 cents a burger, 19 cents with cheese. As a teenager pizza was less than a dollar - for the whole pie. Don't want to upset you by telling you what gasoline cost.

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