Saturday, June 13, 2009

Memo From Da Big CheezeTo All Cheezemeisters

From: Da Big Cheeze
To: All Cheezemeisters
Subject: Supplies

That fat, cigar-chomping guy down on the loading dock sez our long awaited shipment of protective devices has finally arrived.

Take a moment to get your's. (One per Cheezemeister, please)

In addition, those of the female persuasion can get their additional protective devices.
(Dat E-Vil Mikelj has been known to shine his shoes to a mirror finish.)

These will come in very handy next time that E-vil Mikelj attempts to crash the main gate, or sneek a peek!
(Make certain to give 'em a sound thrashing!)

Just in case you've forgotten what he looks like, study this picture ad nauseam.


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