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Mikel J said...

Although most of this material is way dated, & some of it is very humorous, I wouldn't spend a cent on any of it. "Lydia the Tattood Lady" or any of the songs on the removal list are somethings that I would play when my company/friends can't take a hint to leave. It's truly amazing what happens when ya get a little notoriety Cheezer. The Evil MJ

Anonymous said...

The bad thing is that some of this stuff isn't even available on

Anonymous said...

Sad really when you can't find these recordings anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

"Out of Print" ain't the same as "Public domain." Got it.

Who ever thought the topical First Family albums would be back on CD. They are. 20 years of being out of print and Allen Sherman got a box set. Redd Foxx new CDs of old stuff are coming back out now.

How about this -- we record our own novelty songs. We record our own jokes. We make our own YouTube clips. We put them on this blog. If this blog has gotten so big hundreds of downloads are noticed on an album still around or one that could be re-issued any time, then it's big enough to have ALL THE SKIPPIES contribute their own material.

Right? Have we all learned nothing from listening to all this cheeze that we can't fondue and ferment our own? How about a contest? Who is the funniest SKIPPY?

Big Cheeze said...

No contest!


Why? Because I sez so!

JimG said...

On the positive side ?! the Blogger Team listed the offending links instead of just taking the blog down.
I would like to know their resource for checking copyrights so that I can use it too. Anybody know? Would save me posting time and aggravation with the authorities. I know Dr Forrest wants to do the right thing by copyright law, and many other bloggers do too. But there is a hard line between OOP and copyright, I guess to preserve the future earning potential of the material, should it go back in print.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see another blog get taken down like this. I've gotten tons of great comedy from this site over the last couple years. But even I recognize that not everything offered here is out of print. For example, you can still get Jonathan Winter's Cranky Calls anywhere. I was surprised it even got re-posted.

Be careful. Big brother is watching now.

Anonymous said...

I would tell the RIAA they could kiss my big fat A$$.

Paul troon

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