Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Testing, looks like we were hijacked

Just testing

Monday, August 9, 2010


Please send me, Dat Big Cheeze Hizself, email, Jim (Vintage Comedy) wants to get in contact with you...

That is all...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Late Breaking Before & After Submission

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Double-Dog Dares Ya

I don't know about yer pet dog, if ya has one,
but I'm pretty certain mine can neither read
nor speak dat bovine lingo,
so I doubt very seriously if he's concerned in the least
about the quality of his dog breath (my "pet" name for him).

But if he could, I'm certain he'd get a job
so's he could afford to buy some of this fine product,
if for nothing else than to get me to stop referring
to him as "dog breath"!

Maybe I've gotten this one all wrong and
Elsie is simply a spokescow for this product?
(Wondering if she's considered a traitor by dem bovines?)


Finally, solve-ed!
The bane of mankind!


So, if you've a wandering weenie,
this be the product fer

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay, Skippy,
complaints about Hare Club Fer De Men(s) have been registered.
We feel the need to replace one form of head gear with another.

If yer name is Dobbs...
yer a prince...
as well as the rest of it...
then this is the product for


Good choice, eh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Opportunity!

We be needin' Cash and we be havin' 'taters, so....

... this excellent opportunity showed up unexpectedly!

Fast money? Long life? Happiness around the corner?

(Coming next week, an unexpected opportunity from Nigeria!)

Queen Latifah?
Pearl Bailey's Love Child?

You decide!

Before & After
Visiting The Cheeze Factory

Before & After
(Keith Richards)

Before & After
Visiting The Cheeze Factory

Before & After
(Ozzie Osbourne)

Still More
Before & After
Visiting The Cheeze Factory

Before & After
(Grace Slick)


Monday, May 31, 2010

You said it

Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Cheeze
To Cheeze

Shark Bytes
Another Old Fool Compilation

Shark bytes is a compilation of hacked up songs.
Older rockers may like them, if not, well, then

Shark Bytes

Friday, April 30, 2010


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ya Came To Da Right Place!

We-Hell, Skippy!

Dem birds are using yer brainpan for a nest & no matter how much conditioner or moose ya uses, they just will NOT give it up?

Never fear, our crack crew of suits
(scientist type guys what hangs out down in the basement)
have discovered cheeze fumes are toxic to the avarian types.

(ya came to the RIGHT place!)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

German's NOT Amused!

How To Build Yer Own Hover Shoes!

Why? 'cuz ya can!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Needz Cheeze, Pleeze!

Great Void visitors simply must have these!
Won't you please help?
(They've promised to stop talkin' smack about you!)

Alan Seidler - Duke of Ook
<--New Betty Hutton - Sleepy Head Betty Hutton - My Cutie's Due At Two-To-Two Today Betty Hutton - Banana Boat (Oomba-Oomba-Oomba)
Billy Edd Wheeler - Wild Mountain Flowers (Album)
Billy Edd Wheeler - The Pickers Prayer (Single Song)
Bob McCallister of Wonderama 1969
Boomerang aka Kid Creole - Unknown Named Album
Boone Girls - Curiosity Killed The Cat (MGM 45) (Pat Boone's daughters)
Buddy Collette - Polynesia Buzzola - Got A Light (In Print, Will Not Be Posted)
Buzzola - Junkers, Jivers & Coke Fiends (In Print, Will Not Be Posted)
Carol Channing - Live At The Palace
Comedy Central's Viva Variety - He Looks Like Robert Deniro
Cousin Brucey Meets Mother Goosey (particularly Hansel & Gretel Meet The Chopped Liver Witch
Cracked Country Christmas
Dan Hartman - Get Outta Town
Dave Prowse aka Darth Vader aka The Green Cross Man - Remember The Green Cross Code
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre - Out Of Season
Eric Jupp - Surf King (single)
Frank Edwards - Flying Saucers Are Serious Business
Dukes Of Dixieland - LP on Audio fidelity
Gladstone's A Piece of Paper
Gleams (Gleems?) - Mr. Magic Moon
Hutton Sisters (Betty & Marion) - Heart Throb
Hutton Sisters (Betty & Marion) - Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) Janet Klein - Come Into My Parlor
Joan Rivers - Can We Talk
Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci - The Hot Club Of America
Julian and Sandy - BBC Radio Show
Korla Pandit - Le Club Maron
Kids' on the Wurlitzer - Kirby Stone Four?
Kyle Petty (Nascar Driver) - any album
Mike D'Abo (previously member of Manfred Mann) - The Lady's In Love Muppets - Muppet Show Seasons 3-5 Soundtrack
Muppets - The Christmas Toy Soundtrack
Muppets - The Great Santa Clause Switch Soundtrack
New Christy Minstrels - On tour through motortown
New Classic Singers - Bit hit sounds
Nutty Squirrels - A Hard Day's Night and other Smashes
Off-Beats - In Lo-Fo
Oscar Brand - Maryann McCarthy
Pardon My Blooper - Volume 5
Peter Skellern - Happy Endings (BBC records 1981 or anything) Pinkard & Bowden - PG-13
R Crumb - Party Record
Rance Allen Group - Let the Music Get Down In Your Soul
Rev. Dimichel - For Bloozers Only
Robert Clary - The 88th Row of the Hollywood Bowl (song)
Robert Klein - Let's Not Make Love
Ronald Vomit - Nice
Ruth Wallis - Senorita What's Her Name
Singing Sisters Of Syracuse(Anything)
Sir Hubert Pimm Pianoforte & Ellen Sutton - I Wanna Say Hello Sophie Tucker (Uncertain) - Your Key Won't Fit My Keyhole Anymore
Spencer's Washboard Kings - Masculine Women & Feminine Men
Spencer's Washboard Kings - Nimble Fingered Thimbler
Tammy Faye (Bakker) - Run Towards The Roar
Tiger Lillies - Sinderella
Treniers - Suitcase Song
Tyrone Green aka Eddie Murphy - Kill My Landlord (SNL)
Uncle Vinty - CD (selling at his shows circa 1974,5,6)
Unknown Artist - The Monkey Wrapped His Tail Around the Flagpole (B side of I Like Ike might be called Nation Emblem)
Van Lynn - One Night of Madness
Vincent Lopez Orch. - Concert In The Park
Will The Turtle Remain Unbroken
William Shatner - Narrated undersea music for a dolphin show at some water-park (Sea World or Weekiee-Watchee, Florida) 1970's
Zak Brown Band - Sic 'em On A Chicken
Yogi Yorgesson - Just Another Day (This one's a toughy!)


In-Post Submissions Will NOT Be Posted
(Unposted Links In Comments)

Skippy Listing

Ever wondered where that "odd" smell was coming from?
Feast yer peepers on this list, might be a lil' stinker near.

1 - Dai,Ace Kustom,Upper Ramsbottom,Manchester,
Adolph - Preüßen, Norway
Anonymous - Countryhank, Hamburg (Germany)
Anotherguy - Jackson, TN
Any Major Dude With Half A Heart - Cape Town, South Africa
Apachenf - split between Tripoli - Libya and Aberdeen Scotland
Arenafoot - Watson, LA
Barkley - Monroe County, Michigan
Beany - Bolton, England
BlackCrypt - Myrtle Beach, SC
blueChz - Sarasota, FL
Bob Haldeman - Little Canada, MN Music Makes Pictures
BossHoss - New Jersey (Garden State)
Bunnyboy - Toronto Ontario Canada
Busty Roxy - Tucson, AZ
ChasingSanity - Maine Chasing Sanity
Chris - Malden, MA
Countryhank - Hamburg, Germany
Curty Ray - Near Chicago chopra - Santa Monica, California
D.moose - California
D Big Cheeze - Hiding Under Your Bed! (Sorry, couldn't resist)
Dai - Ace Kustom, Upper Ramsbottom, Manchester (Hope that right, looks funny)
Deadguy, Niagara Wisconsin on the Menominee River
Doug Nabors - Bremerton, Washington, back from Yokosuka, Japan
Erick - Akron, OH Wonderful Wonderblog
Gouda Muenster - San Diego, CA (Yokosuka, Japan till 11 Dec)
Graham the Funky Aardvark - UK
Grumpies - Elizabethtown, PA
J-Unit - Kalamazoo, MI
Karl Käse - Kiel, Germany
King Tiki - St. Louis, Mo
Lady Jane Wensleydale - Des Plaines IL
Leeds Devil - Lindenwold, NJ
Liliana Tendermoose, Orange, CA
LVActor - Las Vegas, NV
MadameGouda - Spearfish, SD
Magkfingrs - - Boston, MA
Marie aka CheezeDiva - Syracuse, NY
martymartymarty - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mr Rapidan - Reading, Pennsylvania
Norman - San Diego, CA (center of the universe as we know it)
Parmie Propanoate - San Antonio, TX
Pooky Greyhead - Anytown, USA
Professor Clone - Albuquerque, NM
Professor Grewbeard, Houston Texas, Hell
Quoth the Raven - Denver, CO
Reverend Marc Time - Sunday Morning Hangover Radio Program (10 AM Sundays) or Sunday Morning Hangover Blog
Mr Rapidan - Reading, PA
Rev. Syung Myung Me - Seattle, WA
Sameasiteverwas - San Francisco Bay Area (SF-US) Bearly Rambling
Satanicmills - Derbyshire, England
Scut Farkus - Baltimore, MD
Skippy D. Hoarder - Nowheresville
Slackjack - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Snarfdude - Halifax, NS Canada
Steve aka Projo - East Greenwich, RI
The Cheese Knees - Kent, England (Home For The Bewildered)
Somewhere in England, Somewhere.
The Mighty Drew - Haddon Township, NJ
The Most E-vil Mikel J - Trommelanz, W. Germany
Thïrd World Man - Sietch Tabr, ARRAKIS
Tip - Sunny Cocoa Beach, Florida
Todd - Bend, Oregon
Traitor Vic - Greenville, SC
Unknown Skippy - St. Louis, MO
Viv - Austin, TX
Whiteray - St. Cloud, Minnesota
Wild Man Mikey - Northampton, England
Woodworker - Greenville, NC, USA
Zen Tiger - Portland, Oregon
Zillagord - Portland, OR - Cheese For Industry

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here's To YOU!

Tis the time to consider those things which one simply must give thanks for.

I mean, it's thanksgiving so...

I'm thankful for visitors to this site who are kind enough to leave a comment here or there.

I'm thankful for all the generous souls who have left cheeze stuffs on my doorstep.

I'm thankful to have Mikelj as the perfect foil.

I'm thankful I'm still able to enjoy dem cheeze stuffs no matter what anyone thinks!

I'm thankful the site has survived another year,
even though it's getting a bit crippled up as of late.

All in all, I'm simply thankful so many have made this corner of the great void a bit warmer with their kind thoughts.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fast Food Song
Fast Food Rockers

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ode To Joy

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bobby Hendricks

(That Bob, he is a slob, that Bob, Bob, Bob, slob, slob, slob...)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

5 Out Of 5 Doctors Agree!
(that nurse doesn't really matter)

(Dat E-Vil Mikelj put me up to this!)
(Sorry Ladies, no insult intended!)


Thursday, November 12, 2009


(is this it?)

It's ABOUT Time!

As all you Skippies know, our most bestest sponsor,
always keeps up with the latest coiffures.

Just so you,
will always look yer best when ya hasta to fetch more twinkies!

So, here's their latest offering....


(78% guaranteed authentic!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jonathan Richman
The Modern Lovers
Egyptian Reggae

(NOT stinky!)

Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Perpetuum Mobile

(NOT Stinky!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Matrix
1905 Version

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walk The Walk
er, uh...
Strut Yer Stuff?

What's that, Skippy?
Ya sez ya want's to strut yer stuff?
Shut down all the Duds & impress them chicks?

We-Hell, then, be getting yer bad self a couple o' pairs of our newest sponsor's threads!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too Early
A Bit Of Xmas?

Last Xmas

Might Be Five, eh?
Thinking Pie In Face

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Put Another Plug Nickle In

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Coming In Loud & Clear!

Certain that kid on the left is thinking...


Wilson Knows!

Too Much Halloween Candy?

Wanna fit back into that size zero outfit?

Then try our newest sponsor!


(Remember, NO Ill Effects!)

Our Newest, Most Trusted Sponsor!

Ya sez yer either a veggie or fruit
wanna dance about with farm yard animules?

Then be gettin' yer bad self some
grow legs and do a cheerful jig!

(Sing, sing like there's no tomorrow!)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creepy Clyde
The Rappin' Vampire
Spooky Town

Creepy Clyde aka The Rappin' Vampire - Spooky Town

01 SpookyTown.mp3
02 Man Eating Plant.mp3
03 The Monster From The Sea.mp3
04 Draculas Castle.mp3
05 Spooky Old Graveyard.mp3
06 Haunted House.mp3
07 The Carp That Ate Detroit.mp3
08 I Just Want To Drink Your Blood.mp3
09 In The Old Dark House.mp3
10 Zombies.mp3
11 Twisted Man.mp3
12 A Monster Lives Under My Bed.mp3
13 The Old Man From Kalamazoo.mp3
14 Space Ships Have Invaded Earth (Hidden Bonus Track).mp3

Creepy Clyde aka The Rappin' Vampire.jpg
Creepy Clyde aka The Rappin' Vampire - Spooky Town Front.jpg
Creepy Clyde aka The Rappin' Vampire - Spooky Town CD.jpg

Creepy Clyde aka The Rappin' Vampire - Spooky Town


DON'T Get A Trick

Classical Halloween

01 Welcome.mp3
02 Swan Lake.mp3
03 I'll Get You My Pretty.mp3
04 Danse Macabre.mp3
05 Low Throaty Laugh.mp3
06 March Funebre Des Marionettes.mp3
07 In The Hall Of The Mountain King.mp3
08 March Of The Gallows.mp3
09 Twilight Zone.mp3
10 Night On Bald Mountain.mp3
11 Swan Lake (Piotr Llyitch Tchaikovsky).mp3
12 Danse Macabre.mp3
13 March Funebre (Chopin).mp3
14 Witches Sabbath.mp3
15 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Paul Abraham Dukas).mp3
16 Witch Hazel Laugh.mp3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


(Don't hide 'em from yer elders!)
(They'll hit ya with their cane!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Go On!
You KNOW Ya Wanna!

(I'm not certain that's what they meant!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Got Mid Quarter's Dis-ease?

(Dr. Swift does NOT work below the knees!)
(That would simply be indecent!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Public Service Announcment

(this will also work to avoid being overcome by fumes here)
(all ya need is a large body of water)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dat Boy's Not Quite Right!

Here we see one of dat E-Vil Mikelj's early attempts to raise some ducets to finance his attempts at world conquest.
Didn't workout too well as he was a bit confused as to what Lemonade was actually made from!

(Dat boy's STILL not quite right!)